Batting Cages Membership

You take your position, stand still for a second to recollect your thoughts, and start to bounce your legs, in the search for the perfect balance. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for. The crowd is cheering as the ball keeps coming closer to you, your heart is beating fast and you know this is your time to shine. The bat feels like a part of you now and you make contact with the ball, but continue swinging the bat to offer more power to your move…the ball goes farther than you have imagined.

Olympic Golf Zone makes your dream come true. When baseball is the sport you have always wanted to try, our team has just the solution for you. The indoor baseball facility and indoor softball batting cages have been designed to make you feel exactly as you would on the actual field. Your passion and determination are a good starting point but practice makes perfect. Bring yourself closer to your favorite sport, day by day, by getting your batting cages membership at Olympic Golf Zone.

Hi-Speed Cameras to improve you baseball game

Get your batting cage membership or pitching cage membership at Olympic Golf Zone so you can have the most accurate read out of your batting swings or baseball pitches.

Unlike any other batting cage membership

With Olympic Golf Zone’s batting cage membership, see where you ball would place in the real baseball field against even with outfielders.

Most real baseball experience

Having access with your batting cage membership to Olympic Golf Zone you will not have just a pitcher machine to throw to you, but you can adjust the types of pitches and how fast.

Take your batting game even after you left the batting cages

With your batting cage membership, every time you check-in you can store all of your swings to your profile and see your improvements and share them to your friends.

batting challenge mode

You can even play different types a batting practices drills

Not only can you play a game trying not to get 3 strikeouts, but you can see how well you can place the baseball in the field.

regular game

Best Batting cage membership

You can not only enjoy swinging at baseballs at your batting cage. At Olympic Golf Zone, you can enjoy great food and drinks as well, even watch your favorite sport teams on our tvs.

Why Practicing Indoor Baseball at an Indoor Baseball Facility is a Good Idea

Whether you are learning the basics of baseball or you want to outscore your previous performance, our hitting cages at Olympic Golf Zone are the best option you can choose. The indoor baseball batting cages keep track of your game in real time, so that you know exactly what to improve at your next hit.

Moreover, the baseball batting cages are designed for an interactive baseball game for you and your friends, so you can select exactly the pitches you want to throw against your mate, to make the challenge even more exciting. When taking a break from studying or after a long day of work, Olympic Golf Zone recommends trying our batting cages to help your mind relax with some fun exercise. With this in mind, we came up with great batting membership deals, so that you can benefit from complex baseball practices any time you want.

Advantages of Having a Batting Membership at the Best Batting Cages

Wind or storm cannot stop Olympic Golf Zone from providing a great baseball experience. Our indoor baseball facility never depends on the weather forecast and we promise you that your baseball field will not get wet, nor your baseball bat muddy. Here, at our sports bar, you can practice your swings and hits any time of the day, on summer and winter alike.

What comes as a plus, having a batting membership brings great advantages to your practice and our deals are hard to say no to. Playing baseball in our indoor baseball facility enables you to work on different techniques that would be impossible during outdoor live training. Here, you do not have to wait your turn, nor do you have to combine base-running and batting during your practice.

Nonetheless, our baseball batting cages here at Olympic Golf Zone enable you to record your performance and, if you have a batting membership, you can constantly work on improving your score and techniques. Our passionate team will always gladly assist you, whether you need baseball training aids or any useful information about the baseball cages technologies and how to use them at your fullest advantage.

Make Your Indoor Baseball Game Perfect at Olympic Golf Zone Baseball Batting Cages!

We can all agree that baseball is a popular sport in the U.S. and that many would love to have some practice and see what it’s all really about. Therefore, Olympic Golf Zone invites you to subscribe to a batting cages membership and have fun baseball practices together with your friends. Our team prepared some special offers for you to enjoy our batting cages at any time and is always happy to guide you in your baseball training practice.

When you feel ready to try something different and fun, the baseball net cage at Olympic Golf Zone is the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Ready to challenge your friends at a baseball game? Book your spot at (714) 228-9900 or visit us at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621!