Driving Range Membership

Golf Range

In this mode its like any other golf driving range, but at your finger tips you will have information about the wind and have a swing replay.

Golf Dart

Like to practice your accuracy and you arch of your shot, take a swing at Golf Dart with your friend next time you are in our restaurant and bar.

Block Golf

Another way Olympic Golf Zone’s driving range makes it fun is with Block Golf. Practice and play against your friends or the computer connecting your colors and blocking theirs.

When arriving at Olympic Golf Zone sports bar for the first time, you might be shy and looking for quick pieces of advice on how to make the best out of your golf games. After a while, you start having more control over your swing and moves and that is the moment when you keep coming back to our place.

Because we encourage your passion and efforts, we thought of offering you golf membership in order for you to enjoy a wider variety of games. We invite you to play golf on one of over 250 golf courses worldwide that Olympic Golf Zone offers!

How your Golf Membership Can Get You the Best Golf Packages!

What we, the team at Olympic Golf Zone, love most about golf is that it includes everyone. No matter your height, if you’re young or old, retiree or student, golf can be a casual activity and a competitive game at the same time. With little to no practice, everyone who is passionate or just curious about it can learn how to swing pretty quickly.

As you learn how to play golf, you will discover that the sport has many things to offer and it can be pretty complex for one to master. For your golf practice, Olympic Golf Zone brings the best golf membership deals for anyone who wants to get some more golf practice.

From flexible membership to corporate golf membership, we thought about each and every golf fan. If you need to get in shape for the beach, then some golf fitness is what you need; you can easily get that by subscribing for a summer golf membership. What you need to know is that the more time you spend playing golf, the better your swings will get and you will want to practice as often as possible. At the Olympic Golf Zone, we encourage you to get moving on our indoor golf simulators any time you want and we offer highly convenient golf packages to support you.

2 High-Speed Camera

Each of our golf driving ranges are equipped with 2 of these cameras. These cameras allows your golf driving range experience to be as intuitive and as realistic.

Moving Swing Plate

Right when you tee up you will notice that our golf driving range is better than the old school shooting at a net protected field. Before you step on to tee, the ground will adjust to the courses slopes.

Swing Replays

Normally you would have to pay for a coach or have someone tape you to have a replay of your swings. At Olympic Golf Zone, we not only want to make it fun, but have your game increase by being able to see your replays even at home.

Get Golf Membership Specials for Golf Holidays!

Olympic Golf Zone supports and encourages every person for whom golf comes as second nature. With the help of our indoor golf simulator, we help you practice your first swings and make huge progress in a short period of time. The beauty of golf is that rather than competing against others, you are your own competition, game after game.

As time goes by and you have managed to master your swing pretty well, you might think of improving your golf fitting and take it a step further. At the time you are confident you can play golf at an advanced level, it is time for Olympic Golf Zone to support your pursuit further. Therefore, we came up with the best golf membership prices, so you can enjoy your favorite activity as often as you want.

Additionally, our team believes that your golf experience can only be complete if you also benefit from discounts for a golf vacation on a beautiful golf course. Besides the golf packages we offer for your indoor golf practice, a golf holiday will truly fulfil your golf passion and we, here at Olympic Golf Zone, are honored to make that happen.

Learn How to Play Golf and Benefit from our Golf Course Membership Deals!

Playing golf at Olympic Golf Zone is more than staring at a virtual golf game and hoping that your strike will be a lucky one. When offering the best golf simulator, we understand how learning to play golf is a great way of bringing friends together and also help you meet new people with similar passions.

In your city, having a golf membership at Olympic Golf Zone helps you get in touch with your local community and feel more connected to those around you. Being a member of a golf club makes you more relaxed, as practicing golf on a regular basis reduces stress, while also keeping you fit.

Olympic Golf Zone has an offer you can’t refuse! Our golf course memberships are just perfect for your golf practice, whether you are starting to master your swing or you are already an expert at golf.

Want to know which golf membership suits you best? Give us a call for more information at (714) 228-9900 or come on in and receive your golf member today here at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621.