Batting Cages

Olympic Golf Zone opened its doors to the public, by focusing on bringing many entertainment options for different tastes. Baseball is a nationwide loved sport and, as we care about our customers above all, we thought of bringing this popular activity closer to our community. This is why we introduced the best batting cages in our sports bar, in order for every baseball fan to benefit from their baseball training.

More than just the baseball popularity, Olympic Golf Zone sees it also as an opportunity for friends and families to get together and have a unique and fun experience, while learning something new. Having your baseball training in a controlled environment is a great idea, as you do not depend on the weather conditions, and, what comes as a plus, our dedicated team is always happy to assist.

Vision sensor

In our batting cages, we have added 2 Hi-Speed cameras to help your batting swing. With these cameras, we are able to give you a video of your swings and accurate/responsive reading of your hit showing you were it would actually land.

Full HD graphic

Unlike other batting cages, here at Olympic Golf Zone our batting cages allows to show you were you ball you actually go in the real life on our high definition projector.

Pitching Machine

Able to control the speed and direction of ball according to the performance of the player. Utilizes open/closure type pitching machine to enhance focus for the game and to remove graphic difference.

Improve batting swing with your phone

Unlike any other batting clinics or batting cages, our batting cages are equipped with an app. So you can see your batting swing on the go and watch your batting swings to improve and share.

batting challenge mode

Batting Challenge Mode

Compete with your friends in this mode by hitting each of the ball that come out. Testing your batting accuracy and seeing if you can place the baseball in different places of the field.

regular game

Play against your friends baseball in our batting cages

Unlike other batting cages, you can actually play against your friends 3,6, or 9 innings in 2 different team, taking turning batting against each other.

Why you should try the Indoor Batting Cages and Virtual Batting

Baseball became one of the most beloved sports of the nation for all the right reasons. It is entertaining, full of adrenaline and pretty complex. When watching a baseball game on TV, many of you feel transposed on the field and start thinking what you would do if the ball was thrown right at you.

Olympic Golf Zone has great news for you. baseball fans. As now you can practice your baseball batting whenever you want! Our sports bar offers the best batting cages and promises a great experience for you and your group.

We, here at Olympic Golf Zone, encourage your interest for sports and believe that anything is possible if you are driven with passion and a lot of practice. Who knows? Maybe after trying our indoor batting cages for enough time, you will be the next hitter in the professional league of baseball. Practicing baseball with our batting cage machine at Olympic Golf Zone is a fun and relaxing activity to try during your free time.

Benefits of Virtual Batting at Olympic Golf Zone Batting Cage Machine

Olympic Golf Zone is aware that baseball is mainly an outdoor activity. However, as we wanted to bring the beloved sport closer to our community, we also took into account the benefits of indoor batting cages.

First off, you do not need to worry about the weather forecast or about what time of the year it is. Our hitting cages are the places where you can spend a good time, late in the evening and during a rainy day.

Moreover, the controlled environment at Olympic Golf Zone enables you to hit several balls, one after another, without needing to chase them all over the field. Our team is always ready to assist and make you realize you are in a friendly and familiar place. As all of us have been beginners and we know that any help is more than welcome. This is why we provide baseball training aids to increase your practice performance, throughout the game.

All in all, the indoor batting practice cage at Olympic Golf Zone is perfect when you are working at your basics, wanting to benefit from an efficient and fun way to play baseball. Remember to bring your friends and good vibes. Let’s play some baseball today!

Choose the Best Batting Cages and Pitching Machine at Olympic Golf Zone!

Focusing on bringing a popular sport closer to our clients, Olympic Golf Zone has prepared the best batting cages for you to practice your batting at. Our staff is open to any suggestions you might have, in order to make your baseball practice a wonderful experience. We encourage you to try this fun, relaxing activity in our cozy atmosphere, where you can bring all your friends and family members to show them what you’re capable of in terms of baseball! We guarantee you will have the time of your life, while learning one of the most popular sports in the U.S.!

Driven by passion and surrounded by people who love what they do, Olympic Golf Zone is the perfect environment for your baseball training.

Ready to play some baseball? Practice your swing at our indoor baseball cage. Give us a call at (714) 228-9900 or visit our location at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621. Our team is here for any questions and inquiries.