Olympic Golf Zone's Golf Academy

Golf seems like a pretty straight-forward game but it actually has a set of strict rules to follow. If you really want to learn golf, we, here at Olympic Golf Zone recommend you start on a golf simulator. Why? Because the indoor golf range analyzes every part of your move in real time, teaching you what type of training you need so you can improve your golf swing in no time. Moreover, our dedicated team is always happy to assist with any information, so feel free to get in touch with us and benefit from the best golf classes in California!

Study Your Golf Swings

With all class whether group lessons or private golf lessons, your lessons will be all captured under your own profile. You can see your work paying off and studying where you can improve.

Best Golf Simulator voted by Golf Digest

Backing your coaches to help your golf game improve is the #1 Golf Simulator 2017 & 2018 voted by Golf Digest. Each golf range are even equipped with 2 high-speed cameras to give you the most accurate feel and response, emulating the real world.

Another edge we have than a golf range

Traditionally most of golf lessons are start at the golf range where the floor is flat not giving the real experience of the golf course. Another way we have tried to give you the most practice for your golf swing and golf game is including in our golf ranges moving swing plate. This allows are golf ranges to emulate the slopes and angles of the ground of a real golf course.

Why learn to play golf on a golf simulator

If you are a beginner, don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Our professional and dedicated team at Olympic Golf Zone are here to help and offers group golf classes on a golf simulator. Our golf classes have many different fun and different activities, that also comes with the benefits of golf swing instructions.

By offering the best indoor golf simulator, Olympic Golf Zone offers a variety of golf games with the help of which, your golf swing analysis is performed and recorded, so you can learn golf in a practical way. Our golf training consists of our personnel explaining how to operate the golf simulator, then offering you the best golf training aids, tools that help you control your swing and position during your golf game.

Joining our golf classes is one of the best decisions you can make for spending your free time in a useful and relaxing way. Our group golf classes offer the opportunity of learning by doing and participating in golf competitions, while meeting other people that share the same passion with you.

The benefits of golf teaching aids for your golf practice

Since Olympic Golf Zone opened its doors to the public, we have been trying to come up with the best golf training technologies, as well as with many golf tips, in order to ease the learning process for everyone passionate about golf. Our team focuses on bringing golf practice to the highest level of perfection and is available for any questions and technical information you might need along the way.

Thus, the same team at Olympic Golf Zone thought of offering the best golf training aids, practical tools that help you recognize and feel a good or bad move instantly, providing relevant feedback throughout your game. These flexible elements increase your performance and help you learn golf quicker and more efficiently.

In golf, the swing is one of the most important elements that can dictate the success of your game, in many cases. Modern golf simulators, together with our golf swing training aids we provide you with at Olympic Golf Zone, will really step up your game.

Making Golf Fun with Golf Games

All work and no play is not our motto. During our golf lessons, we will incorporate some fun games like golf dart to practice your arch and accuracy of your shot.

Block Golf (coming soon)

Practice against other students or your golf coach block golf, where you have to try to connect your color and block theirs.

Practice on over 260 golf courses

During your golf lessons, you can chose over 260 golf course to practice in a second. Allowing you golf game to improve, you now not be able to call just on golf course your home, but as many you can master.

Choose Golf Classes at Olympic Golf Zone!

We love to see passion in people’s eyes. This is why we have created the best golf training club in your area. The reason we have chosen to come up with modern golf simulators and golf training aids is designing a different way that puts a sincere smile on our client’s faces.

Furthermore, when you want to learn golf, it doesn’t matter what profession, social status or age you might have, as our individual and group golf lessons are designed for everybody. If you have no experience, then some golf practice is exactly what you need. If you are a bit more knowledgeable, you can share some wisdom with your teammates, during the group golf class.

Passion is what drives us forward, passion to see people happy when, with a child-like curiosity, they discover a new and fun sport that brings value and meaning to their free time.

Want to learn golf with us? Meet Olympic Golf Zone’s team at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621 or give us a call for more information at (714) 228-9900!