Golf Range

In this mode its like any other golf driving range, but at your finger tips you will have information about the wind and have a swing replay.

Golf Dart

Like to practice your accuracy and you arch of your shot, take a swing at Golf Dart with your friend next time you are in our restaurant and bar.

Block Golf

Another way Olympic Golf Zone’s driving range makes it fun is with Block Golf. Practice and play against your friends or the computer connecting your colors and blocking theirs.

Try the Number One Rated Golf Simulator Voted by Golf Digest

Olympic Golf Zone has brought to the Orange County and Southern Los Angeles golf lovers 6 bays and 1 VIP Golf Ranges. Unlike the old school lanes, with our moving swing plate that automatically adjust to the course slopes and the 2 high-speed cameras you will get the most realistic practice during your time at the golf driving range. With our software you will never get bored and enjoy practicing at golf, our golf driving ranges are equipped to show you your swing replays after each swing and as well play different golf games to keep you entertained

Do you ever feel as if all you want to do is play a long, relaxing game of golf, but you just don’t have time for it? We, here at Olympic Golf Zone, come up with the perfect solution for you and your beloved hobby. You can step into our bar and benefit from useful indoor golf practice, so the next time when you are out on the golf course, you will amaze your competitors with your hits. Olympic Golf Zone offers an indoor golf range you and your friends will simply love due to its very realistic golf simulator.

The Best Indoor Golf Simulator for Your Indoor Golf Practice

You’re done with work, either in vacation, or school is finished and you are looking for the most accessible and fun activities that help you disconnect. You have already been to the beach, tried several theme parks and all the bars you have tried seem pretty much the same. The team at Olympic Golf Zone knows that feeling of boredom well and is striving every single day to offer something different and exciting for our customers.

This is how we have created the first sports bar with a virtual reality golf simulator, where, regardless of weather, the golf range is as green as ever and the golf swing simulator reflects a high precision of your moves. Our virtual golf technology at Olympic Golf Zone analyzes the spin and contact point of the ball, so that your position will be perfectly synchronized with the image on the 3D golf simulator.

When trying the virtual golf range at Olympic Golf Zone, you will be impressed by the accuracy our golf range has, including the high definition sound system, as well as the natural landscape on screen when compared to an outdoor golf game. Moreover, you can choose between a variety of golf games in just a matter of seconds!

2 High-Speed Camera

Each of our golf driving ranges are equipped with 2 of these cameras. These cameras allows your golf driving range experience to be as intuitive and as realistic.

Moving Swing Plate

Right when you tee up you will notice that our golf driving range is better than the old school shooting at a net protected field. Before you step on to tee, the ground will adjust to the courses slopes.

Swing Replays

Normally you would have to pay for a coach or have someone tape you to have a replay of your swings. At Olympic Golf Zone, we not only want to make it fun, but have your game increase by being able to see your replays even at home.

Virtual Golf Advantages That Come Up With Using a Screen Golf

Before saying that an indoor golf driving range doesn’t compare to an outdoors experience, let us, Olympic Golf Zone, explain why it might be even better!

First, you do not depend on the weather conditions! You can enjoy a unique birthday party or team building activity at any time of the day or any season of the year. The virtual driving range never gets wet and your hit will not make your golf shoes dirty.

Second, you can gain experience in real time, by taking golf classes offered by our passionate team at Olympic Golf Zone. If you are a beginner or you just want to strengthen your skills, the golf swing simulator is the place to start.

Additionally, unlike traditional golf games our the indoor golf game offers you the possibility to follow your moves and position in real time. Especially if you have no prior experience, learning the basics is much easier in a controlled environment, where the golf simulator screen mirrors your body moves and actions.

Nonetheless, here at Olympic Golf Zone, you will find a dedicated team, passionate about seeing golfers having the greatest experience. Our team will help you find the right golf games for you and your friends or colleagues. There is no pressure or tee times so all you have to do is concentrate on your swing!

Improve your skills with an indoor golf game on our golf simulator!

For all those with a burning passion for golf and for those who just want to understand what the sport consists of, trying a virtual reality golf simulator is something Olympic Golf Zone recommends. Without depending on a well-designed outdoor golf course, transportation from and to your home, and the time of the year, choosing to train your golf abilities on a golf driving range simulator offers unbeatable advantages.

Driven by offering outstanding customer experience, Olympic Golf Zone steps up its game and introduces the first virtual golf zone in California. When looking to have a great time in a different way than before, Olympic Golf Zone is your choice.

Want to try out some golf this weekend? Call us at (714) 228-9900 or visit us at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621. We are in the CGV Cinemas building in Buena Park, at the 2nd level.