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Over 260 Golf Courses

No matter how the weather is in California. It’s always a perfect day to play golf at Olympic Golf Zone’s #1 rated golf simulator voted by Golf Digest.

watching golf games at olympic golf zone with friends

Perfect place to watch golf games

Here at Olympic Golf Zone we have built the best place to watch golf games and play golf games with your friends. Watch all PGA and LPGA golf games throughout the year with great food and drinks.

Play up to 6 people against different golf games

Play up to 6 people at different golf games

Enjoy playing different golf games with your friends or family up to 6 people per bay. You can select to play a traditional 18 holes or 9 holes, play golf dart, or take turns at the golf range seeing who hits the furthest.

Whether you are trying to play some holes, hitting some golf balls at the range, or watching the golf games on tv with friends

Olympic Golf Zone has all you need to enjoy your favorite sport or hobby. You can play your friends friendly golf games like closest to the pin/golf darts or play against them on over 160 courses around the world.

When thinking of golf, you probably imagine searching for the closest golf course, picking up the most appropriate golf club and looking up the weather forecast for the next days. Olympic Golf Zone proposes an innovative approach. At our sports bar, you can choose between over 250 golf courses worldwide, in just a matter of moments. Therefore, you can enjoy a new golf game whenever you want and be assured that our virtual golf course will always have the best weather conditions.

The first sports bar with a golf simulator is here in California, and we are proud to present our golf games with you. The team at Olympic Golf Zone has a keen passion for offering a variety of choices of fun golf games to play together with your friends or family.

Fun Indoor Golf Practice on a Golf Simulator Screen

Why limit your golfing possibilities, when you can enhance them? Olympic Golf Zone invites you to choose between different indoor golf range scenarios, where beautiful sand, forest or fairway landscapes transcend the indoor virtual golf experience.

When choosing to play golf games at your corporate event or team building activities, your colleagues might not be as experienced as you, but they still want to try the best indoor golf simulator. With this in mind, Olympic Golf Zone designed different levels of indoor golf games and, who knows, maybe after the first virtual golf experience, your colleagues will want to try our golf classes.

With a smart and ingenious technology, our indoor golf simulator not only captures your swings and moves but records your progress, so you can be even more prepared next time. Since our establishment, Olympic Golf Zone has offered virtual golf games to everyone who want to try a new fun experience, a sport that is beautiful and challenging at the same time.

Most Accurate Golf Game

With each of our golf lanes equipped with 2 high-speed cameras, you experience and feel the accuracy of our golf ranges.

Unlike going to your normal golf range

Our floors will adapt to the course’s slopes by moving up and down as well tilt in angles giving you the closest feeling to the real thing.

Save your golf games

Each time you stop by our golf range and play on our simulators, sign in to your membership and we will store all of your swing replays and your scores. You can even share it on your favorite social media to brag your victory.

Improve Your Swing by Choosing Fun Golf Games on a Golf Simulator

Even if golf is mainly an outdoor sport, this doesn’t stop the team at Olympic Golf Zone to creatively design an indoor golf practice area. Here, we invite people of all ages and experiences to relax with their dear ones, while experiencing an indoor golf game.

The play of the game is similar to the one on the golf course, as we focus on delivering a realistic and fun practice to our visitors. Therefore, our virtual golf simulator offers the opportunity to try the classic 18 holes game, which can be played by small or large groups and even by a single person. Olympic Golf Zone indoor driving range resembles an outdoor experience through the game rules and similar landscape and sounds, but also offers the advantage of a controlled environment, plus a professional team that is always prepared to help.

“The Closest to the Pin” is a contest a lot of members take part in and Olympic Golf Zone brings this exciting game play closer to you. The modern and highly intuitive golf simulator technology allows players to measure exact distances and determine who the winner of the round is. These and many other fun golf games await you at Olympic Golf Zone, where you and your colleagues or friends will have the times of your lives.

Play Golf Games on a Virtual Golf Machine at Olympic Golf Zone

The concept of Olympic Golf Zone is to recreate the joy of playing games, by adding a controlled environment of a virtual golf simulator for people of all ages, professions, interests, and backgrounds to live an unforgettable experience in our sports bar. Our indoor golf simulators enable the player to learn in a safe and friendly environment, surrounded by our team members.

If you are still searching for a fun and accessible activity that you haven’t tried before, our indoor golf driving range is just a call away.

Want experience a golf game? Reach us at (714) 228-9900 or visit our location at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621. We are in Buena Park in the CGV Cinemas building.