Tailored Golf Fitting

On one hand, golf is a relaxing and strategic game, that can be transformed into a bonding experience. The same golf game is, on the other hand, a sport where your precision and attention to details matter most, together with choosing your golf club and overall fitting.

Aware of this, Olympic Golf Zone is up-to-date with the latest trends in golf fitting and can always guide you to the best place to get fitted for golf clubs. Our helpful team knows that a golf game is not complete without your custom golf clubs that shape your moves and give your swing more power and accuracy.

Golf Range

In this mode its like any other golf driving range, but at your finger tips you will have information about the wind and have a swing replay.

Golf Dart

Like to practice your accuracy and you arch of your shot, take a swing at Golf Dart with your friend next time you are in our restaurant and bar.

Block Golf

Another way Olympic Golf Zone’s driving range makes it fun is with Block Golf. Practice and play against your friends or the computer connecting your colors and blocking theirs.

Custom Golf and the Best Place to Get Fitted for Golf Clubs

When interested in one of the golf games at Olympic Golf Zone, you will not just be pointed to the closest golf simulator. Our team of professionals will want to know more details about your previous experience, if any, and then offer you the best option, according to your interests.

Likewise, the team at Olympic Golf Zone understands that, in order to improve your golf swing, you need a set of personalized golf clubs. This way, even if you are just starting to discover the rules of golf, you will gain confidence and you will be thirsty for more. We do have a varied set of custom golf clubs ourselves, fitted for many of our customers.

Here, at Olympic Golf Zone, your golfing experience is important to us and we are striving day by day to find more ways of improving it. Thus, we know exactly where to get fitted for golf clubs, as, in our experience, we have come to know the best on the market.

Factors to Consider when Needing Golf Fitting for your Personalized Golf Club

While the virtual golf simulator is a helpful tool for you to examine and correct your posture and swing, it is just as important to get custom made golf clubs. Did you know that a large part of the United States golfers use the wrong equipment for them? Interestingly enough, when trying golf custom fitting, almost all discovered their strikes improved considerably, when compared to their previous experiences.

Olympic Golf Zone constantly insists on the strong benefits custom golf drivers bring to your golf game. If you already have a set of golf irons, it is best to stop by a professional golf fitter and have them tested and adjusted, if necessary. For example, if the club grip is too thick, then your hands cannot control the golf club easily; if your golf club is too thin, then you will put unnecessary effort in your swing.

When shopping for clothes or shoes, you most certainly try them on and buy the right size for you. Why wouldn’t you do the same with your golf equipment? To really enjoy an over-the-top golfing experience, Olympic Golf Zone recommends searching for the best golf club fitters. Our team is always here to advise you on the best places to get fitted for golf clubs near you.

2 High-Speed Camera

Each of our golf driving ranges are equipped with 2 of these cameras. These cameras allows your golf driving range experience to be as intuitive and as realistic.

Moving Swing Plate

Right when you tee up you will notice that our golf driving range is better than the old school shooting at a net protected field. Before you step on to tee, the ground will adjust to the courses slopes.

Swing Replays

Normally you would have to pay for a coach or have someone tape you to have a replay of your swings. At Olympic Golf Zone, we not only want to make it fun, but have your game increase by being able to see your replays even at home.

Why Choosing the Best Golf Club Fitter and Custom Golf Irons is Important for Your Game

Olympic Golf Zone brought the most interesting golf games on a virtual golf simulator for everyone, of all ages, sizes and occupations to enjoy. However, you have to know that the same golf equipment cannot be used by everyone efficiently.

In golf, the swing is dictated by your posture and set of golf clubs. With this in mind, Olympic Golf Zone strongly suggests you get custom fit golf clubs, so you can experience a fully satisfying golf game. Here, at our sports bar, we do have a variety of golf equipment but, in case our golf fitting is not to your liking, we are more than glad to show you the best place to get custom fitted for your golf clubs.

Speaking of golf, what is the thing that most attracts you at this sport and why do you think of trying it? Our team at Olympic Golf Zone wants to hear your story and see your game!
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