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You don't have to worry if any of your guest won't have fun - it's fun for everyone of all levels and experiences

Whether you are planning your corporate events for this year or looking for a private dining location, Olympic Golf Zone is the venue that suits you best. With a wide variety of entertainment options and a carefully selected food and drinks menu, our sports bar has just the right “ingredients” for making your private event special.

When feeling the need of a private celebration, just between you and your family or friends, Olympic Golf Zone is one of the top private dining restaurants in your area. You bring your idea and we make it happen! Our beautiful event space can be adjusted in a way that reflects your birthday party or corporate events theme, from decorations in the private dining room to music and group activities.

Why Choose Olympic Golf Zone for Private Dining at Your Corporate Events?

First off, when hosting a corporate event, the space and atmosphere are things that matter most. The interior at Olympic Golf Zone are large, with a modern design, minimalist and cozy at the same time. The calm and welcoming ambiance create a perfect event space for your corporate events, whether they are a dinner meeting or a company holiday party.

At Olympic Golf Zone, you decide if you want to try the most realistic virtual golf simulators and batting cages or if you would rather relax in your private dining room. Our sports bar offers spacious and comfortable areas for watching sports, trying a golf range or chilling at our full service bar. Additionally, your private event can benefit from a special private dining area, where you and your colleagues or your business partners can take delight in the irresistible dishes prepared by our chefs and the exquisite variety of drinks served by expert bartenders.

The Perfect Event Management Partner for Your Private Event is Here!

One thing you can be certain of is that Olympic Golf Zone is more than just a sports bar. We are defined by the experiences people feel when trying our golf games. When they are charmed by our rare selection of drinks and mouthwatering recipes, simply put when they have a wonderful time in our event space. This being said, our team is dedicated to come up with only the most innovative ways to make your corporate events or birthday party stand out, while making sure your theme is perfectly integrated in the food and decoration choices.

At Olympic Golf Zone, our keen passion for event management translates into unforgettable experiences for our clients, successful private events that leave a strong positive memory in time.

Need a great event space for your private dinner? Meet with us at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621 or discuss the details with our staff over the phone –  (714) 228-9900!

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Organize Your Birthday Party at one of the Best Party Venues!

When it comes to birthday parties, they can be either large, pompous events, or smaller, more intimate celebrations spent with a select group of people. Either way, Olympic Golf Zone has you covered. Our beautifully designed sports bar can host large groups of people, who can enjoy our wide variety of food and drinks, two virtual batting cages and six virtual golf ranges. Moreover, our passionate team is ready to work with any party ideas you have and help them catch life in our event space.

If you fall under the second category of those who prefer a small intimate gathering, Olympic Golf Zone will easily become your favorite private dining restaurant. Though we offer a large set of sports activities for you to enjoy with the people invited to your special event, we also provide a private dining room, the ideal place to taste our delightful dishes and rare selection of drinks.