Holiday Parties

Epic Fun All Under One Roof

You don't have to worry if any of your guest won't have fun - it's fun for everyone of all levels and experiences

Olympic Golf Zone believes that holidays are moments that should be spent with your dear ones. Therefore, our indoor golf range and baseball pitching cages await to be included in your upcoming events. When searching for Christmas party venues, look no further! Our chefs and bartenders prepare only the most delicious food and drinks, as they came up with a wide variety of dishes and cocktails for all tastes.

Entertainment over here cannot be forgotten either, especially when Olympic Golf Zone prepared the best golf indoor simulator, so that you and your family or friends can have an unforgettable holiday party.

Reserve golfing for Your Upcoming Events!

You have been present at a lot of company holiday party ideas and, even though they were all fun and games, you now feel the need for something different. With this in mind, Olympic Golf Zone brings the best golf swing simulator closer to you, so that your holiday party will be a total hit. Your company employees already expect a Christmas party, where they can dance, enjoy some great food and drinks and maybe play some team games. However, what they don’t expect is the indoor golf game experience at Olympic Golf Zone, a practice that will be uniquely fun and bring them closer together.

Similarly, what’s better than trying indoor golf when you and your family get together for the holidays? Olympic Golf Zone invites you to think outside the box and try something different this year, such as a virtual golf game! While you and your dear ones will focus on mastering your swing, our chefs give all their attention to perfect the recipes served at your Christmas party. Reserve golfing at Olympic Golf Zone and you will truly have some magical moments together with your friends and family!

Virtual Golf at Olympic Golf Zone Promises an Outstanding Holiday Party!

If you’re looking to break patterns during this holiday season, we encourage you to host your holiday party here at Olympic Golf Zone! Indoor golf practice will definitely cheer everyone up, while our food and drinks selections will give a stronger meaning to the holiday spirit. Our team is passionate to make you feel at home, by making sure you and your guests are having a one of a kind Christmas party.

It’s time for something different this year around, new and better experiences for you and your loved ones, memories created in a place where the atmosphere is fun and magical. This is Olympic Golf Zone! Want to celebrate your holidays in an innovative way? Book your holiday party by calling us at (714) 228-9900 or pay us a visit at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621.

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Why Integrating an Indoor Golf Practice at Your Company Christmas Party is a Great Idea

Give your team a chance to learn something new together! Still thinking of what to bring to your company holiday party this year? Olympic Golf Zone strongly believes that an indoor golf game might just be the perfect solution for you! This way, your people will be involved in fun activities, while strengthening their bond and getting to know each other better. Therefore, they will be more involved in teamwork and team activities from now on, whether at the workplace or outside office walls.

Demonstrate your creativity and your interest in your employees by organizing your company Christmas party at Olympic Golf Zone. At your upcoming events, our passionate team will make sure your party theme will be ingeniously reflected in the food and drinks options, as well as in our decorations and music choices. Discover Olympic Golf Zone’s virtual golf games from where you can choose between 250 golf courses worldwide, so that you and your coworkers can learn golf in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.