Sports Bar

If you don’t know it yet, you are about to discover your favorite local sports bar. Yes, we, here at Olympic Golf Zone, do have huge LED screens you can watch the best games on. But we do not stop there. We also have the best indoor golf simulator and baseball pitching machine, because we know you like to enjoy with you and your friends while learning to play golf.

When you come to Olympic Golf Zone often, there’s no chance you’ll be bored. Our team organizes pub quiz nights, movie nights and even selects the game of the week for you and your friends. As we have heard good food means good mood, our sports bar menu will win you over, as our chefs prepare delicious and diverse dishes, for a variety of tastes and preferences. The special happy hour drinks and membership deals are not something you can miss if you want to spend an unforgettable evening with your friends.

Trivia Night

Feel the adrenaline and see how good your memory is! At your corporate event or team building, organizing a trivia night is one of the best ideas you can come up with! Olympic Golf Zone has the perfect setup for you and your “competitors”. What best way to get together and work as a team than a pub quiz? Our team can help you get the most suited quiz theme for your group’s preferences and interests, so that everyone involved will have the time of their lives.

Game Of The Week

For those of you who love sports, Olympic Golf Zone has prepared 6 huge LED screens, that play your favorite football or baseball final. We invite you to take part in the big crowd watching the 2018 NBA Playoffs in our sports bar! The quality of these technologies will make you feel you are in the tribunes, living an exciting experience. Don’t forget our chefs await you with the best bar food in town, while our bartenders will prepare your favorite drink in no time!

Happy Hour

If you’ve tried the variety of games Olympic Golf Zone offers, as well as our unique menu, we know it’s hard for you to stay away from our sports bar. Therefore, we came up with a lot of packages and deals in order for you and your friends to make a faster decision. Happy Hour is not something you can miss, especially when it comes to the specially selected drinks in our bar, a total delight for your senses.

Movie Night

Who doesn’t like a good movie? Alright, maybe you know an exception. But who doesn’t like a good movie night with friends? As we, the people at Olympic Golf Zone, could not come up with an answer, we decided to organize movie nights at our sports bar. Our venue is perfect for all film fans, and we make it even better by adding the best pub food and drinks in town. All you need to do is gather all your loved ones and be ready for an amazing night!

Visit Olympic Golf Zone – The Best Sports Bar With Great Happy Hour Drinks!

For us, Olympic Golf Zone is more than just a simple sports bar. It is a chance to get people together in a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, we thought about the most fun and bonding activities people of all ages can enjoy, by themselves or together with their friends and families. From virtual golf simulators and batting cages, to trivia night and movie night, Olympic Golf Zone has it all covered.