Watch Golf and Play Golf all in one house

As you could tell from our name, Olympic Golf Zone has a keen passion for golf games. We do invite people of all ages and sport experience levels to try our indoor golf range. Enjoy a golf simulator experience, as its highest level of accuracy is amazing when compared to a real golf course.

However, our love for golf and the determination to bring people closer to this unique activity, forced us somehow to not stop there. This is how we came up with a set of large and high definition TVs, where all our guests can enjoy a PGA Tour live, while trying some tasty food and drinks selections at our dining area and full bar.

Watch PGA Live and Other Golf on TV at Olympic Golf Zone!

For all of you true golf fans out there, a good match of golf is beyond the words. The emotions and constant increasing tension when watching live golf on TV are what makes the experience even better. With this in mind, Olympic Golf Zone invites you to watch every PGA Championship live at our sports bar and feel every emotion at its highest intensity!

Our own passion for golf drove us toward wanting to meet other sports fans in our surrounding community. This is why Olympic Golf Zone has prepared 6 large high definition TV screens, where you can watch golf together with your friends, and, why not, maybe meet other people with the same passion as you. We are excited to welcome you all and cannot wait to share some golf tips and stories!

Golf on TV is better on the Golf Channel Live at Olympic Golf Zone

A sport rich in history and with a big number of fans all over the world, golf is a very popular activity even nowadays. The beauty of golf games can easily captivate you, from the beautiful natural scenery to the artistic and daring movements of golf players. We, here at Olympic Golf Zone, cannot fail to mention the things that make golf unique, when compared to other sports.

For instance, every strike matters equally to the final result of the game, while nature plays a crucial role throughout the match and in the end outcome. What is even more interesting is that the fans that encourage players throughout the golf game are on the actual golf course, which makes them an active part of the game. Olympic Golf Zone team thought about this important aspect and came up with 6 huge LED TVs, where all the golf fans in our community can watch golf at any time, and, due to the well designed technology, feel they are on the actual golf course themselves.

Come and Watch PGA Championship and Golf Tournament Live at Olympic Golf Zone!

Our team knows exactly how a perfect evening looks like for a true golf fan. It begins with some golf range practice, continues onto some delicious food and drinks and then ends with live golf on TV. Good news for you, as we brought these all closer to your community! Visit our sports bar and watch some live golf coverage, all while trying our special selection of dishes and cocktails, prepared by our passionate team!

Golf is a part of us and we strive to provide an outstanding experience to all the golf fans, as well as to those who are only beginning to be curious about the game. Miss watching golf in a cozy, relaxed atmosphere? You haven’t visited Olympic Golf Zone yet! Get to know us by calling us at (714) 228-9900 or check our location at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621! We look forward to meeting you!