Pitching Cages

Olympic Golf Zone believes you should have a great time every once in a while. You will definitely have the time of your life when entering our sports bar. Focusing on bringing America’s most popular sports closer to our community, we came up with fun virtual baseball pitching machines. This fun and relaxing experience will give you and your friends a valuable memory and will make you fall in love with baseball and softball.

We dare you to also try our batting cages, where you can select pitches to throw against your friends and make the whole experience more exciting! Discover quality and fun sports practice here at Olympic Golf Zone. Benefit from our pitching cage anytime, enabling you to relax and disconnect from your daily activities.

2 Hi-Speed Cameras recording your pitch

Having these 2 cameras in our pitching cages, you will have the most accurate reading on where you pitch would deliver against your batter. In our pitching cages, it will also give you the read of how fast your pitch is.

Pitch against a batter in our pitching cages

Unlike other pitching cages, you can actually throw a pitch against a player for pitching practice. You can mix up pitches against the batter to psych out them.

Auto feed you a ball during pitching practice

Using the pitching machine, in our pitching cages we will use it to mimic the catcher throwing back the ball to the pitcher making our pitching cage as real as the real game.

Help with your pitching accuracy

In our pitching cages, you can actually be able to throw to different placements of the strike-zone and see how well they place against your opponents.

See and record your pitches with our pitching app

Utilizing our high speed pitching cameras, we are able to have view your pitches on the go so you can take your pitching practices wherever you go.

regular game

Pitching practices can be fun

Now you can throw against your friends to see who is a better pitcher, taking turns trying to get 3 outs against batters.

Why You Should Try Olympic Golf Zone’s Batting Machine and Softball Pitching Machine

In love with baseball? Olympic Golf Zone likes this sport too and designed special baseball pitching machines for you and your friends to enjoy. While pitching is fun and exciting to watch, it requires practice for one to master the tactics. With this in mind, we strongly recommend for you to improve your swing and position at our softball hitting nets, where you can track your progress in real time and receive constructive feedback along the way.

Gather your friends and compete against each other! Playing baseball or softball can be a truly bonding experience for your group, as you can organize pitching challenges and see who is the best at throwing! We guarantee you will keep coming back, as our virtual pitching cage is so entertaining it will soon become your favorite activity.

Why Advantages like Baseball Training Aids Improve your Pitching Cage Performance

When learning to become a pitcher, practice is what makes you better. Therefore, Olympic Golf Zone provides indoor batting cages as a great way to integrate fun and advantageous baseball and softball training.

First, we do have a lot of fun pitching games where you can throw baseballs into the screen and witness your performance getting better and better. This is a great way for beginners to focus on pitching alone and learn to manage their swing and position. Exercise your perfect swing — the windup, early and late cocking, acceleration, deceleration and your follow-through.

Every practice in Olympic Golf Zone pitching cage helps you experiment a variety of pitches and our baseball games will keep your adrenaline up for sure. The fact that Olympic Golf Zone helps you with baseball training aids comes as a second advantage. Our staff is ready to assist in every way possible in order for your baseball practice to be complete. As the rest of the baseball equipment, the baseball training aids are important for a correct posture and bounce and can really make the difference when it comes to your next pitch.

Make the Most Out Of Your Virtual Pitching Cage and Baseball Cage Practice at Olympic Golf Zone!

Want to challenge your friends in a pitching competition? Then you have come to just the right place. The team at Olympic Golf Zone is happy to accommodate small and large groups alike, by always making sure the pitching cage experience exceeds your expectations. Similarly, if you want to impress your better half by reserving a unique evening at our place, be sure they will be impressed by the entertainment opportunities, as well as our food and drinks and exquisite service overall.

Choose your grip, get into your wind-up position, remain balanced and get ready to throw!

Ready to get a couple of strikes in the pitching cages? Book your evening at (714) 228-9900 or visit us directly at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621.