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Work Hard & Play Hard

Reward your team at having a company event at a one-a-kind place

We all know that working in a company comes with a lot of great advantages, such as a competitive salary, a dynamic environment and making new connections with people who have similar interests with you.

However, after a long day at work, you feel the need to disconnect and help your mind relax. The golf games at Olympic Golf Zone are perfect for a chill, fun evening with your co-workers. Recharge your batteries for the next challenges you will face at work. Our team events strengthen your partnership and team relations, as you will start to know each other better outside the office walls.

Corporate Team Building Activities and Business Events at Olympic Golf Zone

While some games are alright to integrate into your corporate team building activities, we, here at Olympic Golf Zone, invite you to try something different and uniquely fun. Learning a new sport such as golf or baseball is now easier with our virtual golf simulator and batting cage machine, places where the people at your business events will relax and have a good time together. What is more, Olympic Golf Zone comes with amazing food and drinks for your company party, so that you and your colleagues can enjoy a great evening together.

When looking for a corporate event entertainment, you have come to the right place. Olympic Golf Zone invites you and your colleagues to try our tasty food and wide variety of drinks, to take part in the golf games and baseball practice, so that you can truly say your company party was a total hit.

Want to book your event? Talk to our team at (714) 228-9900 or come and enjoy our sports bar located at 6988 Beach Blvd #B208, Buena Park, CA 90621.

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How to Have Fun Team Activities at Your Corporate Event

When wanting to know where your company stands and what the team progress is currently, meetings are important. Lunches also bring their benefits when discussing business strategies in a more relaxed manner. For Olympic Golf Zone, we understand the importance of social networking and the ability to communicate efficiently with the people you work with.

We, here at Olympic Golf Zone, believe that knowing your colleagues better, in a different environment, strengthens the relationship you have. With this in mind, we have designed creative corporate team building games. This fun way of getting people together is efficient in terms of teamwork, as you discover personal strengths and different game perspectives, during your golf game.

If short and long-term strategies are what you do on a daily basis and get paid for, Olympic Golf Zone’s team takes it further by introducing innovative virtual golf simulators that test your strategic thinking and analytical skills. Nevertheless, learning to play golf is fun and relaxing, so you can enjoy a great evening with your colleagues, trying something different.

Why Integrating Fun Team Activities at Your Corporate Dinner Is a Good Idea

Quite recently, people started to look for more than just a job. Besides the attractive paycheck and flexible work hours, the employees give a lot more importance to the corporate culture and work atmosphere. A place where open communication exists and where people are warmer and relaxed tends to attract more future employees than a workplace with very strict rules, where the internal hierarchy creates human barriers.

In order not to make people feel that a corporate dinner or party is just an obligation, it is best to integrate and even focus on fun team activities. The people involved in a golf game or baseball practice at Olympic Golf Zone will have a great time together and start trusting each other more, things that lead to an overall progress for the company’s internal communication.

Organizing a fun corporate event also challenges the employees perspective toward their workplace. A company party, where people can engage in various activities, from golf games to watching football and from playing baseball to dancing, helps them appreciate the wonderful environment that surrounds them. Therefore, after a fun, bonding team event at Olympic Golf Zone, the people in your company will love their workplace more and will feel more connected to those they work with.