Summer Program

An Extraordinary Summer Begins Here

Give Your Child An Extraordinary Summer & An Improved Golf Swing

Our professional golf instructors and unique approach not only provide an amazing summer experience, but they also provide an opportunity to improve your child's overall golf game.

6 – 12 years old

Early Bird Special – 20% off with code ‘earlybird’ – until May 30th!
Cost: $299/per class

The Olympic Golf Summer Program uses the #1 Golf Simulator 2017 & 2018 voted by Golf Digest. Being that our program utilizes simulators instead of an actual range, we’re able to capture video and provide instant review and feedback with your coach, allowing for improvement in as little as a week! We are also unique as we provide swing replays through our app for easy swing analysis even when you’re not in practice.

In the program, we’ll focus on the fundaments; rules, course etiquette, grip, stance, posture, pitching, putting, bunker play, overall shot selection, and full swing mechanics. This all will be done through a combination of simulator practice as well as course play with the program instructors and staff. 

Don’t worry about bringing lunch, we provide it, golf clubs also. You’re more than welcome to bring your own set if you prefer! At the end of the course, we’ll provide a certificate of completion and a discount on a driving range membership as well.


Study Your Swing

All of your simulator practice will be captured under your own profile. This allows for improvement in the simulator as well as out. You can see your work paying off and studying where you can improve from anywhere!

Voted #1 Golf Simulator by Golf Digest

Backing your coaches to help your golf game improve is the #1 Golf Simulator 2017 & 2019 voted by Golf Digest. Each golf range is even equipped with 2 high-speed cameras to give you the most accurate feel and response, emulating the real world.

Proven methods with innovative technology

If you are searching for the best golf training, Olympic Golf Zone is your choice and offers golf lessons, during which you choose between a variety of golf games. The golf simulator analyzes and records your golf swing, so you can learn golf in a practical, efficient and fun way.

Class Schedule

Class 1: 17th – 21st
Class 2: 26th – 30th

Class 1: 8th – 12th
Class 2: 15th – 19th
Class 3: 22nd – 26th
Class 4: 29th – August 2nd

Class 1: 12th – 16th
Class 2: 19th – 23rd
Class 3: 26th – 30th

10 AM – Daily instructions & fundamentals practice
12:30 PM – Pitching, putting, bunker play & full swing practice
1 PM – Course play with staff

Golf Lessons – Summer Program


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Golf Membership

Our team here, at Olympic Golf Zone, awaits you to discover the joy of a correct golf swing, after a golf practice on our simulator. Become a member and you will enjoy unlimited golf game opportunities and the best indoor golf range, a place where your passion comes alive!

Golf Fitting

We, the people at Olympic Golf Zone, cannot emphasize enough the importance of having the right golf fitting for your game. Therefore, when stepping into our sports bar and registering for golf training, we will make sure that all equipment provided is just perfect, so that you can fully enjoy your golf game.

Experience The Old In A New Way

Play golf at Olympic Golf Zone no matter the weather outside or time we open til late. You can experience #1 Golf Simulator voted by Golf Digest that allows anyone play golf at any skill and any age to enjoy golf. Normally to enjoy golf with everyone of all skills you hit the golf driving range, but at Olympic Golf Zone everyone can even enjoy watching swing replays as well golf darts.

  • 6 Golf Ranges + 1 VIP Golf Range
  • We have over 260 golf course you can play
  • Unlike any others from ground up - our ground moves to mimic golf courses' slopes and angles
  • Add technology to your golf lessons

Play Golf and Find Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo at Olympic Golf Zone!

After a long day at work, just before finishing your homework or during your holiday, Olympic Golf Zone might just be the place for you! It is fulfilling for us to witness the moment when people that step into our sports bar discover a new passion through golf practice. This is why we encourage each and everyone to give golf lessons a try and see if a simple golf swing is soon becoming your new hobby.