Watch Sports

At Your Favorite Sports Bar

Watch the games while you eat and drink and play at Olympic Golf Zone

We have created a unique atmosphere for you to watch you favorite sport and teams while being able to enjoy great food and play our unique games.

Olympic Golf Zone takes a new spin to modernizes the sports bar by not only offering a place to watch sports and drink, but a bar that actually cares about its food and creating an atmosphere friendly to all. We don’t only have NFL Sunday Ticket giving us access to all the NFL games for the season but access to even NFL Fantasy Zone for those Fantasy Football Fans, and Red Zone every Sunday.

Whether watching sports or actually playing sports is your thing, our sports bar is catered to both of our customers needs. You can either kick back and enjoy watching the game with your friends and family, while eating and drinking our special treats. For those who like being more involved and active, we have 6 Golf Bays + 1 VIP Room that you can play competitively against your friends a various golf modes: golf driving range, pick over 260+ golf course, or golf dart to play against.

For any baseball fans, make our sports bar the place to our Californian baseball teams, Los Angeles Angels, Oakland Athletics, San Diego Padres, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants. We even have 2 batting/pitching cages too!


One of the most popular sports in the U.S. is brought closer to you by Olympic Golf Zone! Bring your friends and enjoy MLB Live in our sports bar, all the while cheering for your favorite team! All these go well with some delicious food and drinks specially prepared by our passionate chefs and dedicated bartenders, so that you and your crowd will have more than enough energy to support your team.


As our name says it, Olympic Golf Zone is passionate about golf. Besides our golf games and golf classes, we also organize evenings when you can watch golf together with those who share the same enthusiasm with you. Our high definition LED TVs make you feel like you are on the golf course, while the snacks and drinks our team prepare will also win you over.

  • Date Night at Olympic Golf Zone


Do you love watching football with your group of friends? For those of you who didn’t need a second to think about this, Olympic Golf Zone makes your hobby possible. Live football is more than just a game, it is a whole experience, a special event that is worth celebrating in a special venue. Our sports bar welcomes you with only the best live transmissions, as well as with a wide variety of food and drinks.


Ready to feel some authentic NBA finals adrenaline? If yes, Olympic Golf Zone awaits you to watch NBA live at our sports bar and we promise your expectations will be exceeded! It’s hard to say no to our high quality live sports transmissions, especially when the best entertainment comes together with a delicious range of food recipes and select drink choices.

Best Place To Watch Sports

Come enjoy watching your favorite teams play on our 60 feet LED HD TV or our other dozen of other LED HDTVs, while eating and drinking from our tailored menu to your liking as well to play on our golf range or batting cage. At Olympic Golf Zone, we strived to be the best sport bar that can be found between Los Angeles and Orange County. We started from the ground up delivering our customers 7 #1 Golf Simulators voted by Golf Digest.

  • Perfect place to host a sport viewing party
  • Taste our delicious food & drink menu
  • Experience the old in a new way
  • Fun for everyone
  • Our golf driving range bays' floor actually moves to mimic the golf courses angles and slopes
  • In our batting cages you can even pitch and see how fast you throw
  • Host your next party or event at our bar we even have a VIP Room
  • We have over 260+ golf courses all in one house you can play on

Olympic Golf Zone

Restaurant and Bar
  • Tailored Packages with crafted menus
  • Full Ball & Cocktails
  • Epic Fun Night For Everyone 
  • Rent us for events groups of up to 200
  • One of Kind Experience 
  • Golf lovers dreams 
  • Baseball fans home
  • 6 Golf Ranges
  • 1 Private Room + Golf Range
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Hook ups for all equipments(laptops, tablets, video game consoles, music) 
  • Can customize LED TV Displays for party or events 

Watch Golf and Football Live at Olympic Golf Zone!

For all sports fans out there, Olympic Golf Zone prepared only the best live sports to watch at the highest LED TV quality. It is time for you and your friends to get together again and experience an amazing sports night, while enjoying some of the best pub food and drinks in town!