Welcome to Olympic Golf Zone

Just some guidelines for you so you can enjoy your fun and others too!
  • Batting/Pitching Cage Safety Rules

    1. Be sure to wear a protective helmet when batting
    2. Only one batter is allowed in the cage at a time (no more than 1 person)
    3. Do not bring food or drinks into the batting cages
    4. Watch out for foulballs and bat swings
    5. Never go inside the strike zone during the game
    6. Children under 6 years old are not allowed unless parents are present and their minimum height is at least 3.6 feet
    7. Do not lean on the wire mesh or get too close
    8. Watch out for stray balls down at your feet
    9. Practice swings must only take place inside the cagesGol
    10. Keep your valuables at the desk
    11. No Smoking, Chewing tobacco, or Vaping in this facility
    12. . Keep the door closed while batting
    13. Do not walk or put anything on home plate while the game is running
    14. Intoxicated players are not allowed in the batting area
    15. Please push the balls back towards the center if it says “out of balls”
  • Golf Range/Course Safety Rules

    1. Before you swing any clubs, check your surroundings (monitor, wall, people, etc.) to ensure no obstacle or person is within your range of swing.
    2. Be aware of your backswing and follow through at all times.
    3. Practice swings must be done in the designated hitting areas.
    4. Only one person in the bay at a time.
    5. Be alert of where you stand or walk and stay out of people’s swing path.
    6. After your turn, please put the club back into the designated bag or hand it over to the next player. Do not leave clubs lying on the floor.
    7. The frontal projection screen is the only direction that players should be swinging towards.
    8. Do not put your hand down the tee hole when the ball is stuck. Instead, find the nearest server or manager to assist with the problem.
    9. After your round has finished, please make sure to put the clubs back to their original bag.
    10. Please do not take bags from other bays without consent from the server or manager.
    11. Please do not walk past the platform and into the slope area.

  • Last just remember to have fun!